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West Africa Conflict and Security (WACAS) Consulting Ltd. is after four extraordinary individuals from across Africa to join as Managing Partners/equity holders.  They will spearhead the transformation of WACAS to become a leading African and Africa-wide conflict and security consulting company.




We’re a group of regional consulting companies with now over 10 years of experience and 200+ interesting assignments in 30+ countries under our belt(s).  We have a really good operating model, premised on regional companies co-owned by top-notch regional experts, and are after four new Managing Partners to make our African sister company fly.


What’s on offer?


We are offering 2000 shares (20% ownership) to up to four new Managing Partners; 500 (+) shares to each.  If you have what we are after, we are determined to make the share-offering affordable.  As such, we’re offering a discounted share price of USD15/share and a one-year conditional share-offer.  


What’s the process?


We are approaching this as a competitive recruitment process.


If you are interested, you’ll apply as you would for a top management position.  We do psychometrics, phone interviews, and a written exercise with long-listed candidates.


Those who make it to our shortlist (around six people) will fly themselves to Malta for a couple of days of individual and group exercises at a seaside villa (24-26 October 2016) with current Managing Partners.  


We will then make a share offering to up to three chosen ones.  Apply with CV and an expression of interest to apply[at] by 10 August 2016. Access full details here.


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